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Bro you buy those game assets from gothicvania. And does gothicvania allows to use it for commercial use??

Hello, I just used the free ones, and those are free for use :). If you're considering to use them for a commercial use please check his own page for licenses and other things. (As far as I know you can use, but just double check to be sure)


Sir I make some some changes in it ,now I want to use it for commertial use so can I ?

Sure!!! If you're still using the original art just please check with them if there's no problem (if I'm remembering right they're all free for commercial but just double check). Good luck :) 


HUMMM em português, adorei!!!! vou usar pra aprender a usar essa engine

Heey, fico feliz que tenha gostado :)) Se estiver usando para aprender e não entender muito de inglês tem esse outro que fiz que tem uma versão em português:


This was very well made and it really helped me learn just exactly the kind of things I am able to do. I've gone through the code and the things I have been doing have been so inefficient when compared. Thanks!

Heey, I'm really happy that it helped you!!! Thanks for the comment :)


It's the best game I've ever seen in Godot!
How can I contact you?

Hello, thanks :)) Do u have Discord?? If yes you can add me: Umbigoow#2580

I added you :D


Good job, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Omg thank you :)