This is a small project that I used to study, focused on people that are both starting at Godot or just migrating. Features are listed below, there also some other few things that the demo has. In case of any doubt, problems or feedbacks please consider commenting.

However, I do not have authorship under any of the arts in this project. The arts are free to use for personal projects and some for commercial projects as well. All the owners of the arts are listed here and the link to the specific asset is also in the respective folders (as well as here).
I emphasize, however, if you want to use some art for commercial projects that consult the author of the art. As for the code, the project is for study purposes and can serve as a basis for other projects. There is no need for credits but comments are appreciated.

I especially thank the videos of the Game Endeavor channel, which served as a basis for character movement and other things.
The channel can be accessed through the link: https://www.youtube.com/c/GameEndeavor/featured

Link to the pages where I obtained the visual resources for this project:

https://itch.io/c/313331/gothicvania - Basically this entire project is using his assets, please consider visiting it.





  • State Machines
  • 3 playable characters
  • 5 playable stages
  • Small particles2D example
  • HUD
  • Tilemaps Usage
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Stage selection screen
  • Character selection screen
  • Pause menu
  • Joypad compatibility 
  • Main menu
  • Multi-language support (En & pt_Br)
  • Inheritance scenes and scripts
  •  WorldEnvironment Node usage for glow
  • Life and Energy Bar
  • Commented code 

How to play

If you press 'Esc' or 'P' or even 'Start' if you're using a Joypad, commands will be displayed in Pause Menu.


Arrows - Movement

Z - Special

X - Jump

C - Attack 


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Metroidvania-DemoProject.zip 2 MB


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Bro you buy those game assets from gothicvania. And does gothicvania allows to use it for commercial use??

Hello, I just used the free ones, and those are free for use :). If you're considering to use them for a commercial use please check his own itch.io page for licenses and other things. (As far as I know you can use, but just double check to be sure)


Sir I make some some changes in it ,now I want to use it for commertial use so can I ?

Sure!!! If you're still using the original art just please check with them if there's no problem (if I'm remembering right they're all free for commercial but just double check). Good luck :) 


HUMMM em português, adorei!!!! vou usar pra aprender a usar essa engine

Heey, fico feliz que tenha gostado :)) Se estiver usando para aprender e não entender muito de inglês tem esse outro que fiz que tem uma versão em português: https://pedrovmvictor.itch.io/godot-adventure-platformer-demo-godot


This was very well made and it really helped me learn just exactly the kind of things I am able to do. I've gone through the code and the things I have been doing have been so inefficient when compared. Thanks!

Heey, I'm really happy that it helped you!!! Thanks for the comment :)


It's the best game I've ever seen in Godot!
How can I contact you?

Hello, thanks :)) Do u have Discord?? If yes you can add me: Umbigoow#2580

I added you :D


Good job, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Omg thank you :)